Turn your presentations into conversations

Share a link to present to anyone, anywhere, on any device, and let them talk back to you too.

This is the best clicker ever, I was blown away!

Jason, consultant & teacher

Swipe makes my life much easier in the world of marketing. Presentations become so easy!

Foster, marketer

I started to use it in class, and my students are impressed. Love it!

Melinda, teacher

A better way to teach

Up close and even more personal. Present where your audience is looking 
& let them interact.

With Swipe, your presentation ends up where your students are looking: on their devices, in their hands. Ask questions with polls to see what they know and want to know to guide the pace of your lectures. Swipe promotes a more engaged and smarter classroom, whether physical or online. It’s as easy as sharing a link.

Wooden letterforms. Guess the typeface?

Printing Press

Who invented the printing press?

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Wooden letterforms. Guess the typeface?

Printing Press

Who invented the printing press?

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Who invented the printing press?

I’m loving Swipe! I used Swipe for my first class presentation today and it went amazingly. My entire life I’ve refused to use Powerpoint or Keynote, as they just don’t allow for my brain to really function the way it wants to. Swipe is perfect for me!

Meg, professor at Parsons

A better way to pitch

Don’t miss your chance 
to sell. Your pitch is always with you and their device 
is your screen.

All your decks on one platform, ready to be presented to anyone, anywhere, with a simple link. Swipe is perfect for face to face meetings, conferences, and remote pitches. With collaborative decks you always have the most up-to-date version of your presentation.

  • See when someone viewed your shared deck

  • Share your decks privately or open them up for everyone

  • Collaborate on decks and manage what people can see


Swipe has transformed how we share information with our investors, partners and brand sponsors. It's a delicious platform for delivering presentations that look great on any device.

Babette, BakeSpace.com

A better way to meet

Run a meeting in the same office or with remote team members around the world. Flexible, just like you.

You don’t work the way you used to. Your clients can be anywhere, your team can be in different countries, and sometimes in the same place. Swipe works the same way for someone who is in the same room as it does for someone who is across the globe. Just share a link and start presenting.

  • 17 participants

1 conference room

  • 12 participants

7 different countries

  • Swipe is great! I often use it when I meet with clients. When I finish a face to face presentation, I send them an online version through Swipe. Thank you!

    Henrik, Byte.no

    The fun really starts when delivering your presentation.


    Swipe is about to overhaul the way we create and share presentations.

    The Next Web

    Fantastic, and so useful.

    Smashing Magazine

    Packed with useful features

    Swipe is designed to work the way you need it to. It’s all in the browser, real-time, collaborative, and super flexible. Everything you need to be able to present to anyone, anywhere, and to make sure only the right people see what you want them to see.

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