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Animated GIFs in your presentations

  • Horia Cernusca
  • September 05, 2016

We love animated GIFs and we’re on a secret mission to make sure every presentation contains at least one of them (but don’t tell anyone please, it’s super secret).

If a picture says a thousand words then a GIF definitely says a lot more. They can be funny and very illustrative. To make them accessible, we’ve partnered with the best of the best: Giphy. Grab a link to any GIF on Giphy, paste it in Swipe and we’ll create a special slide for it. Here’s how it works:

PDF export for presentations

Please let us know what you think. We can’t wait to see which GIFs you pick!

Horia Cernusca

Horia Cernusca

Co-founder & CEO of Swipe. Sometimes a designer, sometimes a writer.