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Export your presentations to PDF

  • Horia Cernusca
  • September 04, 2016

Having some kind of offline support has been a huge request from the community for a long time. We’ve been hard at work building a simple exporting tool that saves anything you put in Swipe as a PDF that you can use offline. You can find it in the dropdown menu when you’re in edit mode on any presentation. Here’s where to find it:

PDF export for presentations

YouTube and Vimeo

If you use a lot of YouTube or Vimeo videos in your presentations, we show the previews of the videos and link the “play” buttons to the actual videos too.


If you build your slides in Markdown, we export PDF slides that look exactly like the slides you made in Swipe. We keep all of the links intact too and all of the text is selectable.


If you use polls, we export the questions as you see them in Swipe, with answers in boxes.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments, we love hearing from you!

Horia Cernusca

Horia Cernusca

Co-founder & CEO of Swipe. Sometimes a designer, sometimes a writer.