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The all new Markdown editor: Create beautiful presentations in minutes

  • Horia Cernusca
  • August 18, 2015

We added the ability to create Markdown slides because we wanted a way to save you time. These slides load so quickly that internet speed is not an issue. We wanted a flexible slide system that was built for the web and can adapt to the screen size you’re viewing it on. We didn’t want you to think too much about designing, but to put the focus on what you want to say. We wanted something simple, and you’ve more than impressed us with how you’re using it.

One line that keeps popping up from people who use Swipe is that “you can’t make something ugly in Swipe.” We’re flattered and we definitely think that, by using our Markdown slides, you can forget about designing and just focus on what you want to say.

We’ve had hundreds of thousands of Markdown slides created or uploaded to Swipe and it’s been such a pleasure to see how you’re using this specific part of our product. While Markdown might sound intimidating, like you’re writing code, it’s actually an incredibly simple way to write HTML that anyone can learn in minutes.

On top of that, we’ve now added the tools that will make it possible to build Markdown slides in Swipe without knowing anything about Markdown.

Watch a short video of the new Markdown editor in action

Here’s what’s new:

A completely rebuilt writing experience


We’ve learned a lot about building great text editors while we went through a few iterations of Fiddle. Your feedback on the old Swipe editor and Fiddle really helped shape the new Swipe Markdown editor. It’s a lot quicker than before, it’s a lot simpler, it feels more natural, and it’s designed to let you build beautiful decks in minutes.

The text is no longer centered and scrolling through longer decks is a lot easier. We’ve also added some handy keyboard shortcuts for:

  • Undo: cmd+z
  • Bold: cmd+b
  • Italics: cmd+i

Slide previews as you build your deck


One of the big main points in the past iteration was related to how long it took to preview slides, since you had to save a slide and then view your deck to see any changes. You were essentially forced to create and edit blindly.

We’re thrilled to release slide previews in the Markdown editor, that show you what changes you’ve made to the slides in real time. As you type, add slides, or change the color scheme, you’ll instantly see the changes reflected in the thumbnails on the right side of the screen.

Syntax helper


A big surprise when we released our Markdown slides was to see many of you learn Markdown for the first time just to be able to create your slides in Markdown in Swipe. When we built Fiddle, we experimented with a lot of options for helping you write faster with Markdown and the syntax helper really sped up people’s writing.

Since we had thousands of people using it over the last months, we’ve also learned a lot about which commands people use most and arranged the syntax helper in Swipe in that way. We also tried to make the Markdown syntax sound more human, by naming things as they are, like “link”, “image”, “slide”, or “bold.”

You’ll find the syntax helper in the top toolbar. Please let us know if it helps you build your slides faster and if you have any ideas on how to improve it!

Templates a click away


We were surprised to see the amount of traffic on our template pages after releasing our first editor. We’ve seen our color schemes and templates used more and more and we’re so happy you find them beautiful.

We’ve added 6 new templates, inspired by movies we love. We also added a button in the top toolbar called “templates” that puts all of them one click away. Just expand the templates bar and pick your favorite. Copy and paste the codes or press insert. You can always read more about our templates and fonts we support if you want to get a little more creative! Let us know what you think of the new templates and the new templates bar.

Edit and create straight from the dashboard

If you just logged in, you don’t have to click “edit” to change your markdown slides or create new ones. Simply click the thumbnail and click or tap the slide preview that opens up. You’ll be taken straight into the edit mode for that slide. If you want to add a new slide right after it, just hit the “slide” button in the toolbar or insert “*” after the current slide you’re editing. Once you hit save, the new slide will be added right after the one you’re editing. We hope this makes it even quicker to make changes on the go or adding to your deck, please let us know what you think!

Small but important changes

We could build a long list of specific changes regarding the new Markdown editor, but there’s a few key ones that you’ve asked for for a long time and we’re happy to finally bring them to you.

  • Once you build a deck, we add the style you declared at the top of the deck on each slide that didn’t have a different style declared. A lot of you were disappointed that once you built your deck and went to edit a specific slide, it would lose the colors and fonts that you previously declared. That won’t happen anymore as each slide is built to inherit the style initially declared, which makes editing a whole lot more convenient.
  • The addition of a “More” menu in the toolbar gives you the option to download all your Markdown slides as one Markdown file, access our templates and fonts pages, and the help pages for Markdown.
  • Centering text has been widely requested by you and we’ve added the ability to center your text and images with a simple command. You’ll find the “center” button in the top toolbar while you’re editing or creating. Make sure you selected what you’d like to center to make sure it works.

We love to hear your thoughts and stories so please get in touch and tell us what you think.

Horia Cernusca

Horia Cernusca

Co-founder & CEO of Swipe. Sometimes a designer, sometimes a writer.