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It's time to go Pro with Swipe

  • Horia Cernusca
  • October 03, 2016

It’s amazing to see the different ways Swipe is being used every single day and we cannot thank you enough for being a part of it! Over 750,000 people have used Swipe since our humble alpha launch three years ago and it is through your interaction and feedback that we got there. Thank you for your contribution!

The plans that we are rolling out today include a Swipe Pro that has been amped up with the best features from Swipe for Business. In order to be in a better position to innovate, grow sustainably and serve you better, we have made some big changes to how Swipe Free works. From today, Swipe Free will include the important core features but will be limited to two presentations per account. We are happy to open up our 50% Education Discount on all our plans to educators that use Swipe. If you are an educator, please get in touch.

Swipe Pro pricing hasn’t changed and you can upgrade today from $15 a month.

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What you get in Swipe Pro

  • Everything from Swipe Free
  • Unlimited presentations
  • Analytics
  • Secret links and link tracking
  • Password protection
  • Google Analytics


Our Analytics have been designed to help beyond a list of vanity metrics. You get a snapshot of the most important metrics of your presentation and the opportunity to drill-down by person underneath. In a business context, whether it is sales or marketing, there are huge benefits of having a deeper insight into how your content is performing. Did the prospect see the deck? Did they return to it? Which deck works best for each target group? Which version of my presentation is most effective? Who is the best pitcher on our team? These, and many other questions can be answered with our Analytics and other Swipe Pro features.

We were also surprised to see how useful presentation analytics could be in other contexts, such as education, where it is important to see which students have revisited the material, for how long, and how far they got into the presentation. It also makes it easy to compare classes and even play with segmentation for different groups of students by using secret links and analytics together.

Secret links and link tracking

With secret links, you can create as many individual links for one presentation as you’d like and share them with people even if the presentation is set to private. We wanted to improve privacy but also make it easier to get feedback on a draft, to share sensitive material without requiring the receiver to sign up, and to have more tracking options per presentation.

Some ways people use secret links:

  • Create a secret link for each group of prospects and see how they interact differently with your deck
  • Create a secret link for each potential investor on a private pitch deck and track when each investor has seen the deck
  • Create a secret link to a private presentation for your TA so they can give you feedback on a draft
  • Create a secret link for each member of your client’s team to see who actually checks the progress of a project

Password protection

Use Swipe for board meetings, internal updates, investor updates and any other private use while protecting your presentations with passwords. Emailing a PDF is not very safe, but with password protection, you can make sure that even the most sensitive presentations end up only on the screens of those you wish. Using analytics and the person-by-person view in conjunction helps you make sure only those you’ve shared your deck with have seen it.

Google Analytics

If you love Google Analytics and want to track your presentations in the same place you track your websites you can do so by adding a Google Analytics tracking code in Swipe. This is especially useful for marketers using Swipe to publish and share content to many who want more detailed statistics on behaviour, location, social network performance, and sources of traffic.

Swipe for Teams

Do you have a team of 5 or more people and would love to use Swipe in your company? We have a special plan for companies that includes priority support so you can always get help if you have a question and make sure you’re all set up and ready for success. Contact us to get your team set up.

Swipe for Business

Our new business offering is cheaper and more powerful than ever before. Get everything from Swipe Pro, a dedicated account manager, training for your team, design consultancy for your presentations and features that matter most for companies. Contact us to get your company set up.

Send us your feedback!

We look forward to the next three years together and we cannot emphasise enough how important your feedback has been to the whole team. We’d love to hear from you and to help you get the most out of Swipe. Get in touch with any idea, concern, or suggestion!

Horia Cernusca

Horia Cernusca

Co-founder & CEO of Swipe. Sometimes a designer, sometimes a writer.