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Swipe launches into beta as a collaborative live presentation app that changes presentations forever

  • Horia Cernusca
  • April 29, 2013

Press Release

Swipe is the world’s simplest presentation tool, offering new possibilities for presenters, educators, and audiences to connect in new ways during presentations. It’s a responsive web app that works on any device with a modern browser. Log in, drag and drop to upload files, add web content like Vimeo and YouTube and get a simple link to share to anyone. Start your presentation from any device using 3G, LTE, or a wifi connection, and as you swipe through your slides, everyone who is connected to that URL will see the slides change in real-time, on any device they have with them.


The Next Web Conference 2013 launch

Swipe was one of the stand-out startups launching on stage during The Next Web Conference 2013, part of the Startup Rally powered by Microsoft BizSpark. The team attempted to break Hubspot’s world record webinar, getting attention from Hubspot themselves who, in sporting fashion, wished the team good luck and helped drive traffic to try to help break their own world record.


“Great companies try to push themselves, we’re happy HubSpot noticed us and helped push us to come closer to breaking their world record.”

Horia Cernusca, co-founder of Swipe

Swipe demoed the world’s first two-way interactive live presentation on stage during the Startup Rally, “streaming” its presentation live to over 500 people in the first presentation. The audience was able to view and interact with the presentation on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, while those watching the livestream from home did the same. In total more than 4,500 people viewed the presentation online, on their own devices. The audience was also able to interact, by participating in live polls and seeing live analytics - in slides.

“From one 5 minute presentation, we had over 15 leads to investors, over 200 people told us what tools they use currently to build presentations, and over 350 people that told us if they would pay for such a tool. You can’t get that kind of data using PowerPoint and a projector. It’s extremely powerful.”

Horia Cernusca, co-founder of Swipe

“We turned our 5 minutes in the spotlight into a tremendous data-driven customer research. We’re the only team that walked away with actual information about our market, business model, and with leads. People were even able to sign up in a slide, which is much more efficient than telling them to go to a URL at some point later. It’s an incredible marketing and lead generation tool and soon everyone can do this with their presentations by using Swipe.”

Håkon Eide, co-founder of Swipe


Swipe is not made to be a PowerPoint or Keynote killer, but something different and better that can work in conjunction with these content creation tools. It’s a new idea for how live information and media flows from person to person. The sole idea behind it is that a slide can be anything, not just a static image with text. It allows one to use the tools they love today and combine powerful web content to create new experiences, collect data, and make sure the audience is connected to their presentations. It also makes presentations mobile, not stuck to a projector or meeting room. Deliver a presentation in a cafe, in a park, at a networking event. All you need is a browser and those who you present to just need a short link. It’s a whole new market and a whole new idea that can change the way people interact with live information.

Praise for Swipe

“The drag-and-drop media browser and simple link sharing for live, real-time presentations won the support and respect of Mark Voermans, an emerging business manager at Microsoft who also on the judging panel.”

“They did a great job,” he said. Great pitch and I think we all loved their model and what they’re doing.”

Nick Summers, The Next Web

Horia Cernusca

Horia Cernusca

Co-founder & CEO of Swipe. Sometimes a designer, sometimes a writer.