Hello 👋

My name is Piotrek Mierzejewski. I make websites and study Computer Science at Poznan University of Technology. 📍

Let me show you some of my work.


I’ve been working at Swipe since July of 2014. One of the projects I’ve built was Fiddle.md: a simple, collaborative writing tool. We use it every day, which proves its usefulness.

I was responsible for front–end and back–end code.

Check out how we use it!

Front-Trends 2015

Front-Trends is a front-end conference that takes place every year in Warsaw, Poland.

In 2015 I was responsible for building most of the site and integrating it with WordPress so that organisers could add content easily. We sold out and feedback was very positive.

The event is over now, but its site will always be there for historical reasons.

Front-Trends 2014

This year I was honoured to help developing their website. I’ve created a responsive SVG clock which is used to display the conference schedule. It gained quite a lot of attention and was featured on Smashing Magazine.

Check out how it works.


Equaliser is the first people-centric music magazine. I am responsible for coding and maintaining the responsive website. It runs on WordPress – you can see the code on Github.

I am also responsible for maintaining the server. As long as Linux cooperates, it’s fun.

Take a look at the writing we publish.

W Communications

A work completed during the Summer of 2013. I was responsible for the front-end code and all interactions design.

W Communications.

Nowy Tomysl Internet Gallery

Nowy Tomysl Internet Gallery is a social initiative in my home town. The group of people are going to scan pretty much every old photo they are allowed to to keep the stories on them alive.

They used my front-end skill to make the photos available on the internet. The results are quite good – the gallery gets about 1500 visits a month, and on average every of them is 8 minutes long. Not bad for a 15k town.

You might take a look.

Thank you.

Since my website is basically a presentation of my work, I’m using Swipe to run it.