Creating: the basics

Getting started with Swipe is super simple. The following presentation covers the basics of creating a presentation in Swipe.

Adding a new deck

Swipe has an adaptive interface that changes based on your screen size. Creating a new deck (new presentation, new collection) is the same on different devices.

To create a new deck, press a green + icon in your Library.

Adding a new deck

Managing your deck

You can edit the title and the settings for your deck in a handy menu after creating your deck. Hover over the area in the top left of your screen, as pictured below, and press it to access the Manage deck menu.

1 Change your deck title

Press the title of your deck in the Manage deck menu to edit it. Hit return to confirm.

2 Change your deck settings

Use toggles to manage your deck’s settings. Change its privacy, share it privately or publicly, clone it or archive it. Press any of the toggles to change them.


Upload different types of content

You can currently upload PDFs and various image files such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. See the full list here. You can also add web content, such as YouTube and Vimeo videos, or create directly in Swipe, using Markdown or our interactive polls.

To start, press the content bar captioned Add slide or upload file in the top right of your screen.

1 Upload images and PDFs

Press Upload images, pdf and pick the files you’d like to upload. You can select multiple files.


Tip: If you are using PowerPoint or Keynote to create presentations, simply export or save as PDF to be able to upload to Swipe.

2 Add videos

Press YouTube or Vimeo, depending on where your video is hosted, then paste in its URL. You will see a thumbnail for that video. Press Add or hit return to add it to your deck.

3 Create interactive polls

Press Poll to create an interactive poll. Type the question you’d like to ask your audience and up to 4 options for them to choose from. You can change the question and the answers later on. Press Save to add it to your deck. Learn more about Polls.

3 Create text slides with Markdown

Press Markdown in the content bar create rich text slides in Swipe using our built-in text editor. You can also upload an .md file that you wrote elsewhere.

Use our syntax helper to separate your text into slides, add headlines, images, and links. You can also change the colours of your slides and get an instant preview on the right side of our Markdown editor. Learn more about Markdown.


Managing your content

You can select a single slide or multiple slides at a time to rearranage or delete.

1 Select

Hold and drag your cursor or finger over the slides area to enter the Select mode. You can also trigger it by holding your cursor or finger on a slide you’d like to select. Use the blue toolbar at the top of the page to delete, select all, or clear your selection.

2 Rearrange

Hold and drag your cursor or finger on a selected slide or group of slides to move them around.

3 Preview

When not in Select mode, click on any of the slides to get a preview of how it’ll look like in the viewer. From there, you can delete slides and edit the ones you created in Swipe.


We currently support uploading for:

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Keynote (.key)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • PNG (.png)
  • GIF (animated too!)
  • SVG (.svg)
  • Markdown (.md)