Presenting basics

When you present with Swipe, you're doing much more than using a remote. When you swipe to the next slide in your deck, everyone who is watching sees the slide change. You can also ask your audience questions, interact with them, and play/pause YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Entering control mode

You can enter control mode from your Library or while editing a deck. First, find the "View and Present" button.

Here it is in the Library:


Here it is in the Editor:


Clicking this button takes you to your presentation. If you are logged in, you'll see a Control Live orange button on the bottom left of the bottom bar. Click this if you want to go into control mode.


When in control mode, when you swipe to change the slide, it changes for everyone else who is tuned in on that URL.

Using the timer

The timer in control mode is there to help you keep track of how long you've been speaking for. Tap or click once to start it, tap or click again to pause it, or double tap or click it any time to reset it back to 00:00.


Playing and pausing videos

Controlling videos is as easy as clicking or tapping the big play button and the pause button. If you've pressed pause, you can swipe to your next slide and the video will not play in the background. You can always go back and play it from the spot you left off.


Controlling access

You can easily change how much of your deck your audience can see. Lock them to the current slide or let them move freely. You can also choose whether you want the view counter and embed code to be visible or hidden.


Tip: If you limit the way your audience can browse your slides, it affects the presentation even if it's not live. We recommend turning it on right before a live presentation, and turning it off afterwards.

Exiting control mode

To go out of control mode, either refresh the page or click the More icon on the right side of the control bar. You'll find an Exit control mode button. Clicking this takes you back to your presentation.