![title](http://i.imgur.com/A3oIrUa.jpg) *** # Hi, I'm Alice. Please talk music to me. *** I was born in Schenectady, New York. I shuttled between Gainesville, Florida and Salt Lake City, Utah for 15 years, finished high school in Taipei, Taiwan, and studied Arts in the Humanities & East Asian Studies in New Haven, Connecticut. I lived a brief but busy life making art jewelry in New York City before moving to the UK to flirt with Anthropology and Museum Studies. Seven years on, I'm still here, and still in love with East London. *** What I do is bring people together using music. I just launched [Giggypop](https://giggypop.co/), a service that gives you a group to meet up with when you buy a ticket to a gig. Please come see a gig with us! I also run Speed Listening events with [The Note Well](http://thenotewell.squarespace.com/). My life is fueled by the pursuit and maintenance of friendship. I am super lucky! *** ![title](http://i.imgur.com/AVlffMn.jpg) *** I woke up one day last week and thought, "I'm not going to buy a house with my savings, but I can build a company with it." Scary, but true. I think. (Anyone else who has had this thought and lived to regret it, please tell me!) But risk is not so new to me. I took my first big risk when I was 17, leaving the life I had worked so hard to build in Florida. I went on to cram 11 years into 1 at Taipei American School. It sucked really hard at times, but it was completely worth it. *** #### My secret to living well is to live off peak. Don't want what everyone else wants. You will become who no-one else is, and people will be drawn to that. *** The Gherkin is a key inspiration of mine. The sight of it reminds me that I chose my life in London. It's my friend who never moves away. *** ![title](http://i.imgur.com/PVDIwGe.jpg) *** I struggle to keep routines, but as a small ritual, I try to take a deep breath every time I wash my hands (it helps if the hand soap smells nice). And I try to write a couple of rap lines each day. *** It was a failing of mine to try not to change my mind at any cost. I used to really value doing everything I said I'd do, no matter how difficult or silly. I realized that the most important thing is communicating well and not always sticking to what I said the first time. Listening to others and giving them wins is also something I am trying to do more. *** #### I'll tell my younger self this: You have more power than you think. Work on getting good at using it.