Would you ever use PowerPoint, Prezi, or Slideshare at a Paris Fashion Week show? Probably not. The best fashion designer from Holland, Jantaminiau, used Swipe to support his fashion show during Paris Couture Week to sync the audience with close up shots of his dresses while girls walked the runway. It gave the audience a unique close up look to his intricate embroidery work while they saw the models from afar. He was so proud of this that he spoke about Swipe on Dutch national television and plans to use it at every runway show from now on.

This is just one of many use cases that point to the fact that we’re different. We’re enabling presentations in totally new contexts with new types of users. We’re a favorite of the creative community, a community that nominated us for App of the Year alongside Medium and Sketch. We’re building more than the typical presentation tool and we have some exciting new things to show the world.

Short tl;dr version is:

  1. Over 100,000 people have used Swipe to create presentations and participate during live presentations since the Swipe beta was launched in November 2013
  2. Presentations created and shared on Swipe accumulated over 500,000 views since November, 2013.
  3. Teams and people from Mozilla, Dropbox, Vimeo, Ideo, Nclud, YCombinator, Seeders, Proximus, Parsons, and more are using Swipe to update their teams, run their events, teach their students every week
  4. Swipe introduces Polls - the most beautiful way to interact with an audience in a live situation. Ask, collect, interpret, improve.
  5. Swipe introduces a slide creation editor in the app for creating Markdown slides that look beautiful on any device and can be created and edited on the go on any device in the browser. It’s the quickest way to create beautiful HTML 5 slides on the web.
  6. Swipe extends Markdown slides to include new templates and support for 15 new beautiful fonts. We were the first to release a slide format from Markdown, and now it’s even better.
  7. Swipe introduces private sharing - keep decks private and share with anyone’s account / we are the first web presentation tool with a privacy-first approach and this is an extension of that philosophy.
  8. Swipe launches simple live analytics to see exactly how many people are viewing a presentation live, when they drop off and go to other windows to help presenters know when they’re engaging their audience or not.
  9. Swipe launches Verticals, publish your content in a vertical form that scrolls forever and takes seconds to update and manage. People are powering their photo blogs, websites, and enriching their presentations with this sharing format. It also makes sense for PDF and document viewing.
  10. Swipe is now the best way to create, present, and share presentations with anyone, anywhere, on any device in real-time.

London, 25th of June, 2014

Swipe launches Polls, Markdown Editor, Verticals, and announces that over 100,000 people have used the service since November 2013

The magic in Swipe is not just what we do but how we do it. It’s always simple, better looking, and quicker than other services. Over 100,000 people in 184 countries agree with us, by using our service to create, share, and view presentations.

From today, Swipe isn’t just the best way to present anything to anyone, anywhere, live. It’s also the best way to interact with your audience, the best way to learn and become a better presenter, the best way to create beautiful slides in seconds in the browser on any device, the best way to publish rich media collections that are easy to browse, and the best way to protect your content and make sure it gets to who needs it when they need it. It’s also the simplest, which we’re very proud of. Here’s what’s new:

Polls (create interactive polls in Swipe)

The reason why we think presentations suck is because they’re static and not interactive. Live polls are the first step in the two-way interactive presentation experience with Swipe. It takes seconds to make a poll and we think they’re by far the best looking polls on the web. Teachers can gauge what students know while they teach by creating quizzes or games. Salesmen can learn what their potential clients want and need. Presenters can learn what their audience thought of their pitch. I can know what my team wants to work on. Since it’s all anonymous, you get a much better and honest feedback mechanism than “please raise your hands if you know what Markdown is”. See some examples of Polls here

Markdown editor (create and edit markdown slides in Swipe directly)

We launched Markdown slides seven months ago to illustrate a vision of super-simple, insanely beautiful HTML 5 slide format that puts PowerPoint to shame. You create slides as fast as you type, since it’s all text-based. Since then thousands of people have used Markdown slides in Swipe to save time, to teach better, to teach code, and to escape the what you see is what you get editors that take time and generally suck. See examples here: (http://beta.swipe.to/markdown/). Teams from Mozilla, Vimeo, Nclud, Ernest and Young amongst others use this framework within Swipe to update their teams. Teachers from Parsons to MIT use it to teach programming. Teachers from Denmark to USA use it to teach their students. Smashing Magazine called it “fantastic, and yet so useful.” It’s the first presentation format for the web generation and now we let you create and edit it all in a beautiful way right in Swipe. On your phone, on your tablet, on your computer. We took the best from tools like iA Writer and focused on the essentials to make it even quicker and easier to make beautiful responsive HTML 5 slides in seconds. You just write, we do the rest.

Live analytics (see how many people view live when you present, when they fall off)

When we present, we always want to know when we are doing well and when we are doing poorly. When do we engage the audience and when do they go on Facebook and ignore your talking. And we want to know it right when we present, so we can adapt and get better. Since Swipe is a live presentation tool and everyone is connected in real-time, you now see exactly how many people are watching and how many fall off as you present. It’s just a number that changes, but it can make a presenter better as they present, instead of wondering where it went wrong after.

Verticals (vertical scrolling content)

There are two types of presentations: live and shared. When you present live, you should have as little content as possible, so a slide-by-slide view makes sense. But when you share content online, you can speak more, add more context, tell a longer story. But all presentation tools give a horizontal format, which doesn’t work for more content or context. That’s why we built a vertical view in Swipe, the best way to publish content on the web, using the best browser-based media manager in Swipe. Teachers can present in class with a normal horizontal presentation and then add more videos, homework, or information and share with their students after the class. A vertical view is great for showing documents like Word files or PDFs and some use it with Markdown as an alternative to Google Docs or Word entirely. Others use it to publish photos or to create more interactive mockups to show user flows, the flow of a website, etc. It’s a great way to share longer content, and we’d dare you to compare it to the way you share and publish from Dropbox or Slideshare.

See some examples: Piotr Portfolio, Simon Knockton CV, Photo Blog by Horia, Recent Illustration Work by Anu

Private Sharing (share with accounts)

The majority of presentations are private in nature. They’re not meant to be publicly shared with the world. Slideshare doesn’t address this market, which is the biggest component of the presentation market. Whether it’s company updates, school presentations, investor pitches, people value keeping their stuff private. Most presentation tools online charge for privacy. We start with a privacy-first approach, because that’s the big part of the market. Imagine how tiny Dropbox would be if the default mode would have been public. With Swipe you can upload a deck, keep it private and share with people’s accounts. It’s a common sense approach to sharing private content and then presenting it live to only the people that should see it.

Thank you for reading, writing, and being part of our journey.

Press contact: Horia Cernusca

More information: Press Pack